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Our corporate wellness program is a 4 week program focused on improving the well-being and productivity of your company. We provide 4 wellness seminars and/or webinars to help educate the company on the basics of nutrition and different strategies they can take into account to improve their quality of life and build long lasting sustainable healthy habits. We also provide 4 forty minute fitness classes which can be taught either online and/or in person to help boost energy and improve company morale.


  • Improves employee health behaviors

  • Improves employee health

  • Increases productivity

  • Improves employee engagement

  • Improves morale

  • Reduces stress levels

  • Improves employee attendance

  • Reduces healthcare coasts

  • Improves teamwork

Healthy Salad

Week One

Day 1-Introduction Day

Day 2-Basics of Nutrition

Day 3-Fitness Class

Fitness Class

Week Two

Day 1 - Habit Building

Day 2 - Fitness Class

Similing Team

Week Three

Day 1-Improving Quality of Life 

Day 2-Fitness Class

Core Fitness

Week Four

Day 1-Lifestyle Strategies

Day 2-Fitness Class

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