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About My Journey

I have competed in 5 Natural Men's Physique Shows: Mr. Santa Rosa, California Muscle Mayhem, Mr. Olympian, Mr. Universe and Battle of The Bay. I coached and trained myself, figured out my own meal plan and won 2 shows; Mr Santa Rosa and Mr. Olympian, receiving my Pro Card with the NGA and winning my pro debut show. My next 2 shows were the INBF California Muscle Mayhem; I was awarded second place and I took second again at the INBF Battle of the Bay where I received my ticket to world championships with the WNBF

I have also judged the NGA Mr. and Mrs. California show, so I understnd how the judges are scoring. 

- Certified Personal Trainer 
- NCSF Sports Nutrition Specialist 
- MNU Certified Evidenced Based Nutrition Practitioner
- Certified Physique Coach 

 What to expect from me
-    Training program tailored to the competition you choose 
-    Daily support to keep you focused/motivated towards achieving competition goals
-    Updated nutrition/macronutrients weekly if and when necessary to optimize results
-   Weekly check-ins to ensure progress and hold you accountable
- A healthy evidence based approach to peak week protocols to look great on stage
- Post show nutrition to support a healthy reverse diet 

What not to expect from me
- Bullshit supplements or discount codes to buy them
- Chicken, rice and broccoli in every meal 
- A load of nonsense cardio on a tredmill 
- Peak week "brotocols" consuming a shit tone of water and cutting sodium 
- Being ghosted after the show 

So you want to prepare to compete in a physique contest? are you sure you want to do this?
If thats what you want I will coach, educate and support you all the way. But before, I want you to reflect on these points you need to consider beforehand...


- Are you ready to maticulously track your macros for several months?

- Are you ready to train harder than you've ever trained before?

- Are you ready to be hungry for short and long periods of time?

- Are you ready to have periods of extremely low energy and motivation?

- Are you ready to deal with perturbations in mood such as sadness & irritability?

- Are you okay with not spending as much time with family and friends eating out?

- Are you okay with having intimate relations/sex less often?

Competing can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but only because of how tough it can be. For many, including myself, it can be the most difficult thing we can ever do. Competing incorrectly, or just for the sake of competing, can bring you really tough times physiologically, socially and psycologically. 

You still want to compete? 

Who's this type of coaching for?
For anyone who's looking to compete in Natural Men's or Women's Bodybuilding, Physique, Bikini, or Figure Shows. DRUG FREE ONLY!! 

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